"I AM NOT ME, please believe me!" Lulu Schmidt is a one-woman-orchestra who uses a range of instruments: vocals, piano, violin, electronic, and interactive sensors and wearable technology. She always creates contrasts; musically, textually, and through the choice of production methods. She builds musical bridges from classical to electronic and pop, to shredding noise. This is music which creates a cathartic state of intoxication and a desire to dance. Her unification of many styles and influences explains why Lulu is not only on the radio and performing in clubs, but also appearing in museums and artistic contexts.

She flirts with the inner turmoil that we all feel as we search for the “perfect version” of ourselves. She conjures up on stage the shimmering glamor of the magical, which we glimpse whilst searching for our ideal self image. At the same time, she reveals the fragility of our inevitable failure to reach this perfection.

From the very beginning of her career, she has drawn upon her Fine Arts education (as a Masters student under Rebecca Horn), to develop a comprehensive live concept which integrates lighting, stage design, and costume.